Starch + water = non-Newtonian fluid

For a long time I will not explain what the non-Newtonian fluid, say in your own words - it is such a substance that is at peace in a liquid state, but becomes hard at the slightest high-speed impacts, wondering if the official description, you can read on wikipedia. Today I will make a fluid and talk about their experiences.


To prepare the fluid we need a potato or corn starch and water, only two ingredients, well, it is desirable that the electronic scales to accurately measure the proportions.

Usually for the preparation of a non-Newtonian fluid recommend displace starch and water in a ratio of 3 to 2, I will not deviate from these numbers, so take the remaining starch and weigh it happened exactly 80 gram.

Means for solution I need about 26 grams of water are measured and poured into a container and starch.

Now all the ingredients you need to mix, but do it was not so simple, because as soon as I poured water in starch, on the slightest impact stone became spoon substance and had very stirring slow.

In general, the amount of water that I poured it turned out in my mind is not enough, the mass turned out too viscous, but the feeling is not normal, if you take a sharp mixture then it turns into something solid, but if that does not do it quietly flows and dissolves in common weight. In the video below, you can look at this miracle:

So next I decided to add a little water, but apparently went too far, got too liquid :). Therefore, adding a little starch, stir and turned out more or less what you need. Liquid could stir a finger, if not apply any impact, resistance to almost No, but as soon as you do sudden movements, it turns into something hard or even impossible to fist it punch. Below you can see the animation, very unusual miracle happened :) daughter was just in awe of such toys.

I hope the information was interesting, thank you all for your attention! :)

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