Now cords shoes only because it is much more convenient and tie shoelaces do not need

Hello! Half a year ago I found interesting and as it turned out a very convenient way of lacing the shoe, which is to the same and looks beautiful. And today I am pleased to show you it is not complicated or anything, quite a few times to try, by the way This method eliminates the need to tying shoelaces generally look carefully, I hope you enjoy it! And if something is not clear, in the end I will leave a detailed video instruction.

step №1

Take your shoes and put her in front of him. Then take the string and pass it into the lower hole from the outside, as pictured below.

step №2

Now take a cord on either side and hold it in the hole from the inside.

The same lace factory in the opposite hole but from the outside.

step №3

Next, do the same with the other end of the lace, lace also run on the inside ...

And is passed through the hole on the opposite.

step №4

When you get to the two upper holes, thread the lace in both the holes from the inside.

Then, one end of the thread into the hole from the outer side opposite.

With the second string Do the same.

The result is such a beautiful and comfortable lacing.

In order to make the laces tighter, quite a bit to pull the laces. As I said above, the beauty of this method is that it not only looks beautiful, but also tie shoelaces no longer have enough to pull a bit and hide the laces inside the shoes! Holds strong enough not to start anything, you can apply to any type of shoe.

Personally, I am now the only way cord shoes, because it's really very convenient. Below you can watch the full video, if suddenly something was not clear!

I hope you enjoyed it and thanks to all of you for your attention, come to me often, there will be many interesting things! :)

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