Gas boilers - heat in the house guarantee!

Owners of private homes, which is connected to the gas, do not even need to think about heating their homes, easy to install and connect a gas boiler, as this is the cheapest date fuel. It is no coincidence that this option provide heat in the house is very popular among homeowners.

The range of gas boilers is quite broad, and that is easy to navigate in this diversity, it is possible to divide these units into two types - wall and floor. However, such a classification has no formal character, because the wall and floor boilers have different designs and components.

Thus, the floor-standing boiler is a traditional thing that has not undergone significant changes during the whole period of its existence. In the manufacture of outdoor heat exchanger used boilers iron or steel. Site for those wishing to to learn more about gas boilers -, Which shows the heating equipment from the manufacturer. as well as power tools and equipment for construction and repair. Cast iron heat exchanger is made thicker, which explains its longevity. On the other hand, it is fragile, which can lead to the appearance of microcracks during transport. In addition, if you are using hard water, there is a risk of destruction cast iron heat exchangers later local overheating.

As for the steel boilers, they have the most impact resistant and light weight. Improper operation of the unit can lead to corrode steel heat exchanger, so designers try to create a system that extends the life of the boiler.

Among other things, there are outdoor boilers with atmospheric burners and inflatable. The first embodiment is characterized by simplicity, relatively quiet operation and low cost. The second one has a high efficiency and costs significantly more expensive. Floor boilers with atmospheric burner, power is significantly inferior to the models with a removable inflatable burner.

When choosing a gas boiler as a heat source in the building must necessarily take into account the dependence of the electric appliance automation. In the work of many models with atmospheric burners of the Russian manufacturers of the availability of the power supply does not play a significant role.

There are also single-stage and two-stage gas units with modulating boilers. Since the peak power of the instrument requires approximately 20% of the heating season and the rest of the time it is not needed, select Boiler understanding with the two measures of power or power modulation.

Wall-mounted gas boilers came into use relatively recently, but has already gained many supporters among customers. The case of this device is equipped with a burner, heat exchanger and a control mechanism. In addition they are equipped with an expansion tank, a circulation pump, pressure gauge, thermometer, system for safety operation of the boiler, etc..

Such boilers are based on advanced technologies in the field of heating. They are distinguished by ease of installation, low cost, compact size. In addition, wall heaters can be very well combined with any interior design.
From the standpoint of removing selected gas boilers distinguish natural draft and forced draft. The former have a long history, because of the roof and chimney - a common phenomenon. But space heaters with forced draft are new developments and show good results of operation, and their power is enough for a full-fledged
heat in the house. Such boilers are ideal for building without a traditional chimney, since involve the use of a coaxial flue for removing the combustion products.

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