I learned how to fix the pipe drilled in the wall, I was very surprised by the result

In my practice not uncommon situations, when people are trying to hang anything in the bath or kitchen, drilled a water pipe. Rather unpleasant situation, especially when the apartment or house is made fresh repair. I usually carefully remove several tiles, concrete hammer force down and proceed to repair the site. But the recent case of encouraged me to check out one interesting way to repair drilled polypropylene pipes, which requires a minimum of damage.

Thus, the drill pipe in the wall :) I did not so for the experiment did it on a small piece, made two holes and started tests that came out of it, you will soon find out!

Check will be two ways, although they are similar in principle, will use a hair dryer building, and welding machine for polypropylene. For repair as the same need additional plastic, so I cut a little half-rings of the same material as the pipe.

method 1

First of all try to seal the drill hole construction hairdryer, I have it on 2 heating position, one of which is 250 degrees, which is quite enough for the polypropylene. So, tweezers take one polukolechko, turn on the dryer and warm up the hole, then gently I present it to the hole, and the same forceps, smearing, trying to patch up the hole.

As a result, the opening smeared on how many turned tightly, I show at the end.

method 2

Now I try to fix the soldering iron pipe polypropylene. The unit is heated, just a piece of polypropylene I present in the hole and smooth out lettered.

Soldering iron out a little more difficult, but everything turned out like. I soldered holes, it now remains only to check on how much is safe.

Check for leaks

So, I have a tube with two holes, fused, to avoid confusion, signed where what worked. I then threaded on the tube, how to do it, I wrote hereAnd then twisted it into a street tap, and at the end caps in place put one more cock.

After water the result was not long in coming, the place which I have repaired a soldering iron, sprung a leak, and that's where he worked as a hair dryer, everything is dry, the system pressure of 3.2 atmospheres.

From the foregoing it will conclude that if try well, in principle, the hole can be repaired, provided that no other options, and the second wall is not drilled pipe. At the point that came out, I found a little not, fused point, I think if I was on a closer and there would not have been a leak. That's all, I hope the information was useful to you!

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