In what direction is the correct and safe cutting grinder

Today I would like to talk about how, in what still needs to spin towards the cutting disc grinders, from himself or herself. Encouraged me to write this article, a person who decided to teach me how to properly cut grinder and eventually we had a little fight. :)


We were working at the site, making the metal heating, I went to cut a piece of pipe. Usually grinder I cut the (sparks under him), this person worked at the same facility, the stele roof, came to me and almost commanding tone advised to change the direction of rotation of the wheel themselves. I asked why I should do it, but the arguments other than "so right", he really did not provide. We naturally began to argue with him, but still did not come to a consensus.

How could all the same right

On this occasion, I did not find the specific rules and a poem one has to choose for myself which way should fly sparks it is no wonder the manufacturer makes the design grinders such a way that the direction could be changed independently. But based on experience, I will express their thoughts, to tell what has come in terms of safety and ease of use of this instrument for 15 years.

Let's consider the case when the direction of the sparks made by themselves:

Personally for me in such a situation is rather difficult to operate the tool. Grinders need to keep as much as possible perpendicular to the surface, if the disk is slightly displaced backward, the tool can easily pull out of his hands. Sparks, under certain conditions, are flying in the face, as if the disc is smashed and no eyes can become. In this position, the disc often bites, it is not the instrument is stable, and it seems to me that a lot easier and more convenient to pull over than to push forward. In general, extremely convenient and not safe for me this way.

Now consider the case when the sparks fly over or under him:

In this position, I personally much more convenient. The tool is more stable and in control, even if it is going to be sick, he will fly forward, and you will have time to react and to keep it. Sparks do not fly in the face again if the disc is smashed, debris will fly under your feet. Anyway, I think a more comfortable position and come up with is impossible.

By the way many people do not know that the rotation of the disk position can be changed :) it needs only to twist the knobs and buttons, as well as being to displace the protective cover to the other side.


As I said above, every man has to choose which way to cut it. There are no certain rules and if one conveniently by yourself, it does not mean that others should be as convenient. Impose their opinions to others is very wrong and selfish. In general, I think the idea conveyed is very interesting to hear your opinion on this issue, so write comments and put the huskies! ))

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