Opened oak barrels with apricot moonshine stood in the basement more than a year, the results amazed me.

Greetings lovers of spirits! :) Today I was a solemn moment, which brought me a lot of joy and satisfaction. After all, today I finally opened after its oak barrels that stood in my basement last fall 2018. In the same year I threw my machine with steam drum and bought brazhnuyu column, from which just enthusiastic, and who would not say, the product is obtained an entirely different quality, but today is not about this. That's the way my moonshine:

Last year gave a good crop of apricots, I managed to collect and recycle more than 200 kilograms of the fruit. When distilled Braga, the fragrance was just gorgeous, but after a second distillation, I have to be honest a little disappointed.

If anyone knows what column they will understand me, and for those who do not know - in the column becomes as pure product, with no foreign odors and flavors, a fortress from 91 to 95%. That is, the aroma of apricot column too little repulsed, but I did not give up and after one the famous "aklobloggera" found a competent and experienced person who reassured me and I consulted.

He said that the apricot distillate prepared on the column you need to press in oak barrels for at least 6 months, then have a drink there is a powerful fragrance raw material, as well as greatly changing taste quality. I just had a barrel of 20 liters, I have it filled and lowered into the basement for storage. Come the new year, a barrel did not open as it was early, but today came that day and what eventually happened, this hour will tell you! :) That's very Barrel:

During storage, I discovered a small leak, probably back the ring was not fully clothed, sorry that he had noticed it too late, 3 liters of vodka spilled on the ground. So double check your barrel, I was lucky that he had noticed, as could the whole barrel to empty!

The first step is prepared snacks, sliced ​​bacon, cucumbers, homemade onion plucked from the window sill :) sliced ​​black bread - just beautiful!

Now came the crucial moment - the moment tasting! Poured into a glass straight from the barrel, and the first thing to consider. Since the barrel has been used 3 times, and after each time and washed to settle, tannins there is not in the new, so the color is a little bit darker viskarnogo.

Very beautiful and nice color, then more and have nothing to add. And now it's time to feel the aroma, which, as I have promised, was to appear after 6 months. So I offer a glass to his nose and ...

... Yes, I know that on my face there is a smile and a body is filled with joy and good humor, because it is a success!!! I can feel the aroma of apricot mixed with the aroma of oak, there is some additional nutty and fruity notes. The smell of a gorgeous, in the barrel was actually some sort of magic! Although I admit that at last new year I poured half a liter of this barrel and felt only the smell of oak and viskarny taste.

Speaking of taste - it is soft enough, there is a degree (initially poured 47°), Balanced, viskarno fruity taste! So now it is necessary to pour the whole thing is bottled and sent to storage, and the new year I will please its guests with delicious and fragrant drink! And I will continue tasting :) and thank you all for your attention!

And yes, I almost forgot, resulting strength of the drink turned 43°Originally there were 47°, I thought that the oak will take less, but it turned out okay in principle!

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