I do not think that because the bolt can make such a useful device

Hello! There are cases when it is necessary to bond with each other two cables, but the factory clamps on hand there, and to go to the store or later, or far. Today I'll show you how the nuts and bolts of making quite robust and easy-clip, everything you need to have everyone in the workshop or garage, so take the idea for the record, it may someday be useful. The idea seemed to me a non-defective, so I decided to share it with you, I hope like it! :)

So, the usual need to clamp bolt manufacturing, better to take a short, but if there is only long, it is possible to saw off the excess, and that was done in this case.

Bolt hamstrings and grinder in the middle do come, to the base, remove burrs triangular file.

For fixing nut ropes will be used.

It operates such a device is very simple, as in the factory terminal is necessary to pass the two ends held together by ropes into the formed hole for reinforcement and that would be the two ends of the thread are not squeezed inside, you need to put a thick metal wire from the nuts.

Then you need to tighten the nut and pull the keys well.

It turned out quite reliable connection, for the manufacture of fastening required minimum amount of time, if it is needed urgently, then the option is excellent, I recommend!

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