An interesting and unusual method of using five-liter plastic bottles.

Glass containers became inseparable attribute of the farm from time immemorial, it's essential and convenient container for storing various liquids and solids. It is environmentally friendly and does not emit harmful substances, but there is a very big disadvantage in this wonderful invention - glass containers quite fragile and easily beats. Today I'll show you how to protect yourself and your family from the debris and make the glass more durable product.

process of manufacturing

Will modernize the three-liter glass jar, do for her plastic case that will ensure the safety and reliability of the container. For the process, we need the bank itself, a five-liter plastic bottle and a hair dryer building, without it or does not do, if there is such a device, you can always borrow from a neighbor! :)

First you need to cut off the upper part of the plastic bottle. Put the bottle next to the jar and measured from the neck of the cans about 4 cm, and then cut off the excess.

Now place the jar in a bottle, you need to pre-wipe dry inside, it would not have excess moisture left, we do not need. There is still need to pick up the bottle, as in some of the bank does not come.

Plastic bottle produced of which has very good heat shrink properties so arming hairdryer construction and begin to heat the plastic uniformly on all sides. Below you can see the video as I did.

After the process is complete, you can enjoy the result, the bottle fits closely to the bank, now even if it is accidentally dropped, the fragments do not scatter all over the floor.

Conducted an experiment - pouring water into the can, but knocking with a hammer, the strength is significantly increased. When the bank did not withstand the blows, the glass gradually began to shoot up but not crumbled, cracks, and only after hard blows I managed to break it completely. Lens left inside the plastic case, as well as water.

Overall, I liked the idea, very convenient, safe and secure. I advise to use new and clean the bottle after shrinkage case is almost imperceptible. This idea is also a great way to re-use plastic, this way you can do covers for glass bottles, applying for this plastic bottle size. I hope the article was helpful to you, thank you for your attention! :)

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