How to Fix blurry fonts in the programs and in Windows 10

Blurred text in a conductor Vindous 10 and other programs treated the banal setting screen zoom. If you are concerned about this problem, try the techniques described below. As a rule, this will be enough to correct the blurred text.

How to fix a blurred text in applications

Right-click on the problematic program and go to its properties. Tab with optimization, you can select various settings to optimize the performance of the program. Including options to display them. Tick ​​off parameter optimization of the entire screen. In older versions Vindous 10 this parameter might look like the zoom off. Be sure to apply the new setting. The problem should disappear with blur.

Correction blurred text in Windows 10

Go to the display settings (System item in the settings), and check that the resolution of your monitor screen. Most newer monitors support resolutions fullHD - 1920x1080. If you are unsure, check the specifications of your monitor to set the most appropriate screen resolution. If the resolution is set to be lower than the standard, the display object will look fuzzy.

Go to the tab with additional scaling parameters. Switch slider on or off, depending on the starting position. This should help to correct the problem with the blurring of the text in Windows Explorer and other standard Windows 10 applications.

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