A simple and useful device polypropylene tubes and cords.

Hello! Today I'll show you how scraps of polypropylene pipes and ropes to make a useful device, which is especially useful for cottagers and residents of villages where there is no gas stove and sink is necessary firewood. And in everyday life it will be useful, is simple, and most importantly that it is really useful, I hope you enjoy it. :) Do we transfer device for firewood, I advise you to read the article to the end, because I really liked the idea!

So, we will need two pieces of polypropylene pipes, they should be cut so that they were placed in the palm of about 10 cm, pipe diameter 20 mm, do not need to take more, because it becomes not convenient.

Next you will need a thick and sturdy rope, we can take any synthetic or organic, of your choice. :) The length of the rope must be calculated individually for height and weight that you are comfortable to carry. Threading a rope in the blank tubes and bind two of its end, the resulting assembly can be hidden within one of the tubes.

It should get here this beauty:

The principle of operation is simple device, like the device itself. It is necessary to put the device on the ground, which would handle positioned on each other, the center impose the necessary amount of wood, take the handles and drag. :)

Very convenient and practical, can be made for the balance of the two carrying and do the job in half the time. I hope you liked the idea, and write your opinion in the comments, without attention not exactly leave! Thank you for your attention, until we meet again!

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