How to remove the airlock for heating using a conventional screw

If you have made home heating metal pipes, this advice will be useful to you, and some masters who do not know about this, it is useful. Just one simple action will help get rid of the problem of cold pipes.

Previously, when there was so much choice sanitary engineering like this hour, heating pipes made of metal. During the construction of heating systems need to comply with certain biases, avoid counter biases. But there are cases when the master of mistakes or eventually somewhere down the crutch, in consequence of which appeared a counter slope.

In the photo below, I looked around it and a blue circle in orange, that is, first there is a normal bias and then the reverse, in the place intended to let the air and normal circulation coolant. Water is circulated through the next starting on the slope or the register of the radiator less resistance in consequence of that part of the heating ceases to operate normally, warms less or remains Cold. Expansion tank (on by its primary function), also serves as the air sbrosnika, but as you can see in the photo, the air from the fracture site as does not be able to enter into the expansion tank.

This is a problem and this hour, as are many private homes are heated by just such a system, some leave it because they believe that better, neither of which has been invented, some do not have the money to make a modern heating system, and some intentionally and knowingly make such a system in the new homes. And indeed, such a system is very relevant and not completely outlived its usefulness, and in some cases, however, it is better or anything you can imagine!

In any case, if the problem occurs, then you need to fix it. It is not so hard, enough to have on hand building level and a little bit of attention. So we need to find a counter bias, to take this level and begin to check the slope of the heating boiler on the pitch. Simply put, the pipe should be inclined from the boiler, if we find Hoth check reverse bias, so the goal is found!

Resolve this problem in two ways, by adjusting or moving the crutches to make so that the reverse bias has disappeared, or use the second embodiment. If the counter bias can not be eliminated, it is necessary to get rid of air pockets. To do this, find the highest point of the reverse bias, take fum tape and screw with a big hat, mastic is fum tape as in the photo below.

Then twists it from the tube, where the point found an upper reverse bias zasverlivaem its half and deflates, as soon as it will go over and water, spin screw through. Pipes immediately begin to warm up as the circulation of the coolant more than that does not prevent!

That's how easy it is to get rid of the problem of cold pipes. Many are circulating pumps and rightly so, and very necessary, but sometimes they are not able to cope with the airlock. On this I have everything your opinion or thoughts you can share in the comments!

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