Important plumbing advice for those who started repair

Hello! Today I will discuss some important nuances that are desirable to observe if you started a repair in the house or apartment. This information will be especially useful for novice masters and customers,

Council №1

If you decide to do a hidden wiring, namely to hide pipes under the floor or in the walls, it is strongly recommended to take photos of the places where the pass communication. It is necessary for what would eventually happen to drill pipe, if you ever need to make a hole in the floor or wall. Better yet, in addition to photos, draw a diagram of the wiring, it is always better to err, because then disassemble and repair the tiles of land will cost is not cheap!

№2 Council

Or when not overfill the toilet tiles! First of all align the floor, put a tile or other covering, and only then install the toilet. To many it may seem ridiculous, but it was not a few cases, they are sometimes found when the master poured screed is already facing the toilet or put it on concrete and surrounded by tile. To do so, you should not, because if in the future will have to repair a sewer pipe, corrugated or replace the toilet, do it without consequences fail. Well if I can accurately hollow tile and concrete, and then repair the floor and put it back, but in most it is impossible or very difficult and expensive.

№3 Council

If you choose to install a bath and overlaid it with tiles, make sure you leave the hatch to service the siphon and communications. To do so it must be that there would be easy and comfortable to climb, clean the siphon, to repair or replace the communication. we can not forget about it, because all serve exactly sooner or later.

№4 Council

If you live in an apartment, I recommend to do a good waterproofing floors throughout the apartment. If your budget does not allow such a luxury, do it at least in the kitchen and bathroom. Even if you are 100% confident in their communication as an installation, it may be plenty of cases is not your fault, such as a bucket of water or razolotsya honor some connection. Waterproofing will help prevent a bad situation and save your money.

№5 Council

Always leave a large flap for water meter, water filters and other utilities, which need time to serve from time to time! Luke should be such that there would be easy to climb with both hands, for that would replace the meter, the filter cartridge seal or valve.

At present, everything! I hope the information was useful in future editions will be even more tips, thanks for your attention. :)

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