4 blunders which allow during assembly polypropylene tubes.

Hello! If you decide to do the wiring running water or heating yourself, or have caused not a very experienced plumbing, I advise you to read the article and take the advice note. Because these errors occur often enough, and then the consequences are not very nice and too expensive.

error №1

Let's start with the most common problems, due to which I often call - it's a weak pressure in the water or non-existent. If the wiring is old, and the pressure gradually began to vanish, then it is influenced by many factors, which do not talk in this article. But if the layout just made the problem arose immediately, then I have already drawn attention on the installation and ask who did it.

And the problem is this - when welding pipes, connections and just overdo the edge polypropylene tube after the fitting is threaded connection or partially (and hence a weak pressure) or completely. Well, if the wiring is open and problem area can be altered, but if walled pipe in the wall, but still made a fine finish, the person gets money and excess waste. In the photo below you can see an example.

To avoid this, do not overheat the pipe and fitting, so as not worth much to dent the tube to the nozzle on heating, the effort is only necessary at the initial stage. It is sure to want to view the details before you make the connection, since the pipe can stick melted polypropylene, which often remains in the nozzle of the welding apparatus. Below is a table that illustrates all the necessary parameters, for different pipe diameters, following these guidelines, you will not suffer the aforementioned error.

error №2

The following error leads to leakage of the finished joint and it arises when there are any remaining water pipes. Imagine the situation: you need to convert running water or heating section, or add a point to continue the line. You turn off the water, poured the remains of the water and begin to solder, after heating pipes and fittings, abruptly remove the nozzle from the welding machine pipe or coupling. As a consequence, the system creates a slight back pressure and water begins to drip. At this point you weld parts, the water falls on the heated portion and sharply cools it, therefore, the welding process can not go completely, and the connection will flow.

To avoid this, check carefully whether all the water is gone from the system, open the bleed screw mixers or on heating, drain the toilet and wipe dry with a paper towel compound, in other words, needs to be done in vacuum system. If possible, cave pipe down or lift up during welding.

error №3

The third mistake - this is not the creation of detachable joints. Many people somehow admit it is very common, although the situation is obvious and logically understandable. A simple example: it is necessary to make feeding of the heating system, which is made of metal pipes or connect to the riser metal plumbing. Master takes a polypropylene screw coupling, the first thing is packing it on a thread, and then starts to do the wiring.

But he forgets that if the connection will flow and will need to repack it, to make it not happen, since the layout is ready and turn the sleeve to go, we can only make a partial dismantling portion. Well if you have access to and supply of pipe, and if not, then the problem becomes very serious, requiring a large investment of forces and funds. But a fairly simple way - in such areas definitely need to use pluggable connections, the American or the box-distribute the nuts. Polypropylene is not detachable, threaded couplings, normally used for feeding point to the consumer or to areas where not permitted detachable connections, for example to install a water meter.

error №4

Another mistake, which often do not pay attention - this is not a complete warm-up connection. In the photo below, you can see the essence of the problem.

When welding connection pipe does not completely fit into the nozzle of the welding apparatus and the insufficient part is melted pipe. As a consequence, the compound obtained is not full and active portion may flow or break off. This happens for a variety of reasons, this error may be overlooked or ignored, in the hope that everything will cost, but it's better to be attentive in order to avoid unpleasant consequences.

In fact it is only a small part of the possible errors, but in my opinion, presented in the article, the most basic. So, be on out! :)

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