Simple alarm for a tank car with his hands

Hello! I live in a private home, and often leave the car at night on the street. Began to notice that the gasoline somewhere began to disappear, like tucking the floor of the tank, drive 30 kilometers, and everything, it ends. I did not understand that it is drained, to the point until the morning, did not find an open hatch and lying on the ground the plug from the tank. I wanted to catch the bullies, but the attempts were not successful. We had to think of something that would save their gasoline, the idea came at once, this hour will show he did, and for those who do not want to read, at the end of the article, there is a video!

Thus, the need for home-made:

  • Door alarm
  • glue gun
  • alcohol wipes

installation of signaling

As mentioned above, for the realization of the idea, it will take a door alarm, which can be bought at any hardware store, or in extreme cases, be ordered on the Internet.

This device consists of two parts: signaling device and a magnet. Works very simply, in signaling the body, mounted reed switch, if you bring it to the magnet, the reed switch contacts are closed and it will be in standby mode. If the magnet is removed, the contact is opened and the device starts to work, making a loud, high-pitched sound.

Next, you need to install all parts of the device in its place, namely, the magnet in the flap and alarm inside, near the fuel tank filler hole. For these purposes, neither of which is better than the hot melt adhesive is not found, I checked on the paint keeps very tight!

So, the first thing you need to be sure to degrease the working surface and the details of the alarm, for this I used alcohol wipes:

Then, nanoshu hot melt adhesive on the surface of parts and pasting. Place they need to be so that the magnet housing and alarm, were in close proximity to each other.

Alarm is ready! Now you can turn it on, close the hatch, and not be afraid that gasoline once again merge. The only disadvantage of this device is that it does not have the lock, that is, if the running alarm, bring to the body of the magnet, it will shut down. But I think in the dark, no one would guess that inside found such a simple device that can be easily turned off.

It will be a complete surprise to the robber and the desire to open the door again, it will be gone for sure! And yes, the hot melt adhesive holds firmly in the assembly process, I pasted the wrong side magnet dismantle it was problematic enough, glue tear off along with part of the paint.

Video performance and assembly alarm

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