Notes plumbing: Conflict neighbor!

This absurd story happened recently, I was a client called and asked me to come and see the work. Approaching his house, he drew attention to the road sign "No thoroughfare", which was not explicitly set in place. It was not a dual carriageway, following the sign, was a dead end, in which there were only 3 houses. I specially photographed it, look at it:

client's home, located at the very end of the arched pole, and this fellow had lived before. I do not know that on the minds of these people, but the situation is really absurd!

Since I have a lot of tools, I went under the sign, unloaded the car and started to work. Customers come here for the summer, do work in the north. The house is a client's wife, she told me that a neighbor at war with them, specially set the mark, and that can cause a DPS. Basically what happened, just an hour later, a patrol car arrived, I was called one of the officers was my good friend, I got into the car and began to ask what kind of nonsense is going on.

They said that it often causes them to my question, "How did he set the mark, because it is illegally? ", they said, that he gave permission to the district administration, but that he would have them no longer I took out! As a result, the fine is not naturally discharged, but had to write an explanatory note.

After a conversation with a client, she told me that at night he throws tires on Travel to them, and every day she rolls them back to him. I wrote a statement that it is in his garden Spila branch, although he regularly does the same thing. So as it conflicts with the rest of the neighbors, the most interesting thing that he was my client, too, and I know well! :) And yet, he has a car, and he calls in every day under the prohibitory sign.

The whole day I worked at a loss, listening to stories of ordinary women, of his quirks. I do not know what could be in the mind of these people, and why they behave? And why does the district administration, has allowed to install this sign! Having read the law, it is not installed according to the rules for such actions can get a decent penalty.

In general, I do not understand these people, I try to get round, because, it is not clear that they have in mind! And it happened all in the Krasnodar region, Otradnensky district, village Otradnaya. :) That's all, if you liked my story, do not forget to Like and subscribe to the channel, I will be grateful!

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