Independently replace multivalve car HBO. As easy as pie!

Hello! A very long time I set aside this procedure, but to do so it was necessary. I'm talking about the multivalve at the gas bottle, the state he was pitiable, broken filling valve fitting, the gas gauge too, had disappeared, and constantly told me at the gas station, which is very poorly dressed, well and in the end, without a valve as a dangerous ride. :)

First wanted to go to a specialist, but thought my hands like a straight, he decided to replace and thereby save money. As it turned out, this is not such a difficult task. The first thing I vykatal all the gas to the maximum, as the gate was broken, pulled the remains of gas through the filling valve, pushing the ball with a screwdriver. Gas was released, but I broke the filling valve, too, had changed.

Important! In no case do not smoke, do not light a fire and do not use a tool that produces a spark near the cylinder, it may cause a fire, and later, a blast !!

Then you need to disconnect the tube from multivalve, filling and expenditure. Here everything is simple, take the appropriate keys and unscrew the locking nuts. Next, extract the multivalve itself, there is still easier, it is fixed with six screws with hexagon head. Unscrew them and extract.

Take a new multivalve, check on the spot whether the pad and set it in its place.

The screws need to be sure to tighten cross-wise, tightening the first 2 opposite, then the order of the remaining 2 pairs, and repeat the first puff, until you feel that all the screws are tightened.

Then fasten the tube into place, tighten and use! It's simple and fast, and most importantly, I saved money, and what you want. :)

That's all, thank you all for your attention!

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