A useful device from an ordinary nut.

Hello! There are times when you need to use the old bolt or stud, but the thread with her, packed with debris. You can try to dig his nail, but it is much easier to make a simple device with which this task will be accomplished much easier and faster.

For homemade nut will need the right diameter, it all depends on the purpose for which the thread is made homemade. The implications of this, it is necessary to drill two holes from the bevel. To do this, cheat nut on the bolt, so that she would not cool, you can zakontrogait. Then, a thin drill, make two holes closer to the bolt threads.

Homemade ready! How it works, I think not difficult to guess. It is necessary to fix the bolt or stud with clogged thread in the grip, and slowly wind the nut on the thread. The drilled holes have sharp, pointed edges that easily, clean off any debris.

It was very simple, but effective device which can be put into a box and used when needed. I have no doubt that there will be those who will say that it is easier to take a chaser and not tortured. But there are times when you need a chaser is not at hand, and various nuts, always full at any workshop.

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