A simple tip for the screwdriver from the bolt and nut.

Hello! Today show how from scrap materials, making a simple screwdriver nozzle, through which can tighten screws with hooks, rings and half rings. This tip will help significantly reduce the operating time, it is simple and fast.

So, for the manufacture of the nozzle, will require a small segment of the thread, it is necessary to sharpen one edge in the form of a triangle, so that it can be clamped in the chuck screwdriver.

Then, it is necessary to wind in the opposite end of the thread, two nuts, one simple, and the second, elongated, it is necessary to tighten the half. Next, they need to make a small zakontrogait and propyl at the top of the nuts, which would be placed a hook or a ring screw into it.

The nozzle is ready, you can feel! As you can see, it is very simple, and all the materials are available and have everyone in the workshop. It remains only to clamp it to the screwdriver and use. Below, you can see the animation, which clearly shows how it works.

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