The worst mistake when installing the washing machine of which many do not know!

Hello! I often call people who have decided to save money and install the appliance yourself. Call because they have problems after installation, namely, the machine starts to scared to jump, gallop, vibrate and do nothing with it can not.

How do they actually make the installation? It is very simple, put the car in place, connect the fill and drain hoses, include network and start using. But when problems arise, they have even an elementary can not read the instructions.

But in all the instructions written in detail, and complete for some reason, put a special key and the 4 plastic plugs. As many have already guessed, a person simply forgets to unscrew the transit bolts. If someone does not know they are in the back of the washing machine, there are exactly 4, and they are used for tank fixation, as it is attached to the powerful spring shock absorbers, and top mounted heavy counterweights.

Without bolts tank is in limbo and transportation, can easily damage the rest of the details. If they are not removed, the machine can easily be damaged. Although I have a client who used the machine without removing the bolts, for six months, and each time the spin cycle, the whole family kept it.

Remember this simple rule when buying a washing machine, be sure to remove the transport bolts, it can be done using a special key, which is included in the kit or a wrench key. Please note, you must completely remove the screws from the holes, and in their place put the plastic plugs when they are complete.

More one important rule, the washing machine be sure to put on a level, also need to ensure that she was firmly in place and does not wobble from side to side. This can be done using a spirit level, adjusting the feet, and then they definitely need zakontrgait.

Follow these simple rules and you will succeed, but in general, I advise you to read the manual or call a specialist. Although in my practice, I come across such experts, who had no idea about the transit bolts and the work carried out did not really understand how to do it correctly. :) So be careful, because a good master can be seen immediately!

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