How to sheathe clapboard door

Today is a very popular are the ecological interiors using natural materials. An excellent solution for the finishing of such a space is the lining.

It is a small plank, the thickness of which may range from 0.6 to 2.2 centimeters. Battens can be made from natural wood and PVC. All work on the clapboard finish can be done by yourself, you need to have.

  • screwdriver;
  • hacksaw;
  • hammer.

Preparatory work

Before using the battens should be put in the room and give her some getting used to the climate. Increase the safety and durability of the material using special refractory antiseptic solutions and formulations

Sheathing of wooden doors

This option is the most simple and easy to cope with it every handyman. Door removed from its hinges and thoroughly cleaned. The door leaf is measured and then the lining is cut to the desired size strips. Everyone chooses the direction of the skin. Often choose options along or across, rarely spread any designs or drawings, as in the latter case we have a lot of time on the construction of the scheme and the calculation of the length of the straps.

It begins with paneling of the door leaf edge. Vertical and horizontal line are determined using the level before batten is nailed to the door leaf. For fastening strips using finishing nails, the cap of which are virtually invisible. Next, the strips are mounted close to each other. The work on plating, coating varnish lining.

Boarding, metal door

For metal doors first made a wooden frame that is screwed to the door leaf with screws. Already in the finished frame nailed batten. Works are carried out similarly to the casing of the wooden door.

You can do without the frame. In this case, wall paneling fastened with screws to the door leaf.

lining standards

In the market you can see the battens made in accordance with GOST 8242-88 and Lining made according to international standards. To create a natural lining used valuable species of wood. For interior decoration better suited beech, cedar and ash, but for outdoor works best solution is pine or larch. When calculating the desired amount of material should be taken into account that linings can have a length of 1.5, 3 and 6 meters.

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