Russian bath: build yourself

The history of Russian baths dates back to time immemorial, so all the details of its construction are well known to all of us, besides, we will certainly take into account the nuances that build themselves.

historical background

According to the Slavic beliefs in the bath people get power from the four elements, that is, earth, air, fire and water, thus improving their health and are charged with positive energy. The ancient Slavs believed bath sacred place, where they could bathe, and at the same time enrich the soul. In addition, in the bath get rid of the adverse effects and even to remove damage. Our ancestors believed that Bath has its own domestic spirit, bearded Bannik. For example, in an accidental scalding bath boiling water blamed for what happens to it. To appease Bannik, sometimes under the threshold being built baths buried a black rooster, also before the wash and bathe necessarily asking his permission: special words uttered.

It should be recalled that, for our forefathers most important tool was a carpenter ax, with which treated timber. As a result of their hygroscopic properties decreased significantly, and they do not absorb water, so the construction of a bath in the old days used exclusively ax.

several recommendations

In order to take a bath, you build for yourself, at the same time could bathe 1-3 persons, bath room area should reach a minimum of 10 square meters. M. In this case, such a small steam baths area - 6.5 q. m. As for the waiting room, then its size reaches 4-5 sq. m.

The most optimal height of the bath ceiling - 2,2 m. Less is not worth doing, as delivers certain inconveniences, for example, willy-nilly will have to touch the ceiling with a broom. If the ceiling is higher, it significantly increase the consumption of wood, moreover, to create a comfortable temperature in a bath is unlikely to succeed.

In general, Russian bath is done in a separate room, and the entrance is always on the south side, to rake in winter snowdrifts. Windows must be in the west or south-west, unless they are specified in the plan. The fact is that in the evening so the sun's rays provide natural lighting bath.

As a rule, doors and windows baths are performed in a smaller size in order to prevent the penetration of cold. Of course, to enter the bath room, you will have to bend, but less cold air penetrates.

If the bath build themselves and we want it to be warm, then it should build from concrete blocks that have moisture absorption properties. Inside you can impose a foil that creates a "thermos effect" and will save a large amount of wood. In addition, the foil ensures an additional vapor barrier and obtaining dry steam. Then you can proceed to the packing crates, which will give a bath quality thermal insulation characteristics, creating an air gap. Sheathe bath inside lining must, wherein this is done via specially brackets for fastening wooden buildings.

It should be noted that the lining is exposed to constant temperature changes, and therefore sometimes newfangled brackets can not stand. As a result, the lining out of the grooves and bends, so in order to avoid such problems is better to use small cloves. On the outer side of the bath can be covered by foam concrete some hydrophobic solution.

Russian sauna does not happen without a waiting room. This space is intended for rest and relaxation after the sauna. And yet, to carry out the shelves and benches only suitable linden wood.

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