Installation of a roof of metal with their hands

Metal roofing is an excellent material for buildings private houses and cottages. After all, it has a great number of advantages: life, physical endurance. But how to make yourself laying metal?

A little about the material itself

Metal is a corrugated steel sheet coated with the base layer passiviruschim of aluzink. This feature provides two layer primer coating, and a protective layer made of polymers.
Polymer coating considerably increases the resistance to external influences metal that gives it a large margin.

The polymer coating protects the metal from corrosion, temperature changes and precipitation.

The working life of 50 years corresponds to. Light weight material, greatly simplifies the supply of the material and lifting the roof. Components, in turn, reduces the effort required for installation.

Metal, compared with the same Decking, looks much more solid, and the most interesting - the installation of metal roofs, will be much cheaper for cash expenditures.

The selection of metal

Choosing tile patterns should come from its combination with the design of the exterior of the building. That is, you have to pre-select the style of the building's walls and its appearance, and then choose from the existing specific kind of metal.

Next, you should decide the color of the coloring. Nowadays, the range of the color palette, which can offer a company that sells this type of building material is quite broad.

Conditions for installation of metal

For installation of metal roofing, roof pitch plane is required (at least 15 degrees).

Installation Tools: Scissors on metal, hacksaw, screwdriver
Materials Manual: Screws with octagonal head with a sealing washer (4.5 * 25/35 mm).

Calculation of metal roofing

First should be made of metal flow calculation on the roof. This takes into account the angle of slope of the roof, departures, overlaps, waste and so on. Can simplify the task of a special computer program designed to calculate the metal, which is "sketched you a very accurate estimate.

Installation Instructions metal

  • Installation of metal begins with the laying of the waterproofing layer. It is an integral part of the device roof of metal, which significantly prolong the life of the whole of the roof as a whole.
  • When installing metal to fix waterproofing film with kontrbruskov which fix directly to rafters. It would be best to apply the vapor barrier material, as it will protect against the formation of condensate over. Waterproofing layer attached via kontreek (50 mm). The allowable height of sag between the rafters of the substrate is 2 cm.
  • Installation of metal can be done on both the left and right. If the first sheet is placed on the left end, the next sheet is put under an extreme wave last. Edge of the sheet put on the ledge with the protrusion 4 cm.
  • First, using the screws on the ridge fix the sheet 3-4. Adjustment of overlap deviation will be easier to carry out if each successive sheet is secured only at one screws on the top of the wave (just below the transverse fold).
  • Twist screws carried in bending waves with maintaining precise perpendicularity surface. To calculate the material necessary to consider that 1 m2 of metal should consolidate the 7 screws.
  • After setting the vertical, proceed to metal fixation in horizontal direction.
  • With butt strap end fastened. It is necessary to fix the screws in increments of 20-30 cm. It will give the roofing resistance to the effects of strong winds and will not allow the sheets to break.
  • After fastening the metal, go to the roof ridge. His close the sealing layer and close the overlapping shingles on ridge elements that are screwed in increments of 20 cm.
  • Scratches and chipped paint waterproof cover, otherwise they will become a source of corrosion.

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