How to delay the rotting wooden house in the summer cottage?

Wooden houses are very popular. In the merit of aesthetic beauty, durability and comfort that give us such houses, namely, the material that is chosen for their construction. Wooden homes are without decoration up to 50 years. In the modern construction of houses made of wood used otsilindrirovannye logs, simple or glued profiled beam.

The disadvantage of wooden houses is the exposure of the building material, in this case, wood decay processes. In order to prevent this and extend the service life of wooden structures, at the initial stage construction is necessary to perform the work, which are able to prevent the emergence of processes rot.

In order to protect wood from pests, than just not treated wood, it impregnated with: oil, salt solutions, osmalivali. For prefabricated houses to protect them from moisture, fungi, mold, made a number of activities listed below.

1. constructive activities when the first log is placed on a height of not less than 0.3 meters to the ground. In addition, logs of the lower crown must be protected at home waterproofing. You must see to it that have been installed sufficient overhang, steep slopes, roof gutters serviceable enough natural ventilation design, balanced ventilation. Thus at all: applied insulation quality, free space present between the lining and the outside walls. Quality assurance of heating system installation - a very important point.

2. Do not rush - to install the roof, windows, doors, carry out interior finishing work, can be no less than one year after the construction and complete shrinkage of the house. If you have decided to carry out such work before - do not forget to maintain a constant level of temperature in the room

3. Events for woodworking special antiseptics. Processing disinfecting and conserving resources neutralize pockets of mold, if it is the early stage of manifestation. The basis of such agents: sodium hypochlorite, bleaching powder. Bioprotective soluble formulations wherein a major antiseptic serves XM-n, to protect the structure from decay to 50 years under normal usage. This tool is not washed, it does not smell, but toxic. Therefore, to use internal processing antiseptic FN. He does not smell, not painted, design increases the service life of up to 50 years. All these funds are aimed at improving the biological stability of structures.

4. Preventive measures that are carried out with the use of antiseptic impregnation UV filter. The presence of titanium oxide in its composition allows to keep the gas permeability of the tree, making it resistant to the appearance of fungi and parasites, mold and so on. N. for over 5 years. Means applied to the coating. They are transparent and semi-transparent on the basis of oil and Vod. Choosing such a mixture, pay attention to where you are going to use it.

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