Modern construction materials - warm plaster. Part 2

air permeability parameters.In the first part were informed about the purpose and technical properties of warm plaster, which sets itself apart from the usual solution in terms of use of heaters. Recent always require ventilation device for ventilation.

Such a scheme provides power losses within 10%. Heat savings significant, but completely isolated house by conventional means is not possible. The intensity of ventilation is to provide outlet water vapor without passing the dew point and freezing.

One of the main conditions of proper insulation device is that the level of ventilation of the inner layer should be a little less water vapor permeability of the outer. This ensures free moist air output up to the plaster, which unfortunately slows down the process of gas exchange.

warm plaster after the hardening the structure resembles a low-density cellular concrete with natural gas exchange about 0.22 mg / m * Pa * h. As a result of the restriction of air porous concrete is minimal, allowing the use of the material for insulation and decoration of brick or concrete structures. Adding to the composition of the porous plaster elements reduces the rate of hydrophobicity, resulting in water vapor permeability may be increased twice. Under such circumstances, the solution can be applied directly to the mineral wool, if it has a tight structure and sufficient compressive strength.

Even fewer problems with the tree. The main problem lies in the quality of the goods. If it is not certified, compliance exact proportions in the composition of modifiers, plasticizers and other components in question. Insignificant deviation in the composition lead to the destruction of finishing.

surface preparation technology

Despite the high rates of adherence, warm plaster sensitive to contamination and a wet basis. Especially because the main component of the binder is a cement product, which is well grasped in the presence of water rather than air. It is therefore necessary to limit the absorption of the carrier surface by using special deep penetrating solutions.

All irregularities in the form of pits, grooves in masonry plastering should be removed - the usual sand and cement mortar. This will reduce the consumption of the main warm mixture. Pre-need to apply the primer. When the peel strength of various types of insulation boards in the range of 0.3-0.4 m / m.kub.rastvor warm trim grips with insulation material with breakout force to 70 gf / mm square. This allows without fear to cause a layer of plaster to 100 mm thick.

Carrying out of the rendering of warm plaster

Application of the material is performed using a trowel, a wide spatula. Pounce and alignment is best done using the beacons. Many kinds of warm mix respond normally to mechanical means up to automatic application.

Warm plaster is applied to the surface layers. Thickness of spraying may be as high as 5 cm. Thus, we can safely remove large bumps on the wall if they were deleted before plastering. The solution after drying retains a sufficient level of irreversible deformation, so it is exposed to the appearance of cracks in the minimum limits. For hedging plaster is applied to a reinforcing mesh or fa├žade to the mixture was added polymers which further reinforce the material.

The main condition for finishing work - this is unacceptable quick drying solution until complete hardening, continued for one and a half to two days. The thicker the layer, the longer the feedstock must remain wet. Some cover film and the wall plastered surface moistened periodically with water. After the mixture was completely frozen, the whole wall plane coated with a special primer composition.

Is it possible to prepare their warm plaster?

Experts warn that a simple-looking structure does not guarantee receipt of this construction product. The mixed with vermiculite in a barrel will be similar to the cement mixture a light uprated power saving. No flexibility, no density or strength - not guaranteed.

Even the presence of plasticizers and other additives does not mean that the folk artist will receive a warm plaster. In general, the issue is the appropriateness of the whole business. It does not always have the opportunity to buy fillers required quality and purity. Dosage is also quite complicated procedure, especially when you consider that the precise amount of material is almost impossible to calculate. First part

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