How to protect yourself?

Bowel cancer refers to cancer process which lends itself tubal therapy. Today this disease in our country occupies the 4th place in frequency of occurrence. And I want to talk about how to protect themselves from the dangerous disease.

To protect yourself against the development of colon cancer, it is necessary first of all to work on the cause of the development of this pathological process. And here comes to the fore is food - because this factor directly affects the digestive organs, occupying a leading position along with bad habits and environmental conditions.

I would be banal, but now recall the truism just need to:

We are what we eat.

And in the case of bowel cancer we have this problem most often is "gorge".

I want to talk about foods that can protect the intestine from developing cancer process. To effect was to include all of the following foods in your daily diet.

1. Cellulose

This is the most important food component. Rough fiber involved in the formation of a normal bolus, which is easier to promote in the intestinal lumen.

It prevents constipation - at stagnation of feces, the present poisons - indole and skatole. They irritate the intestinal wall, provokes the development of long-term sluggish current inflammation.

The main source of fiber - vegetables, fruits and herbs. If you can not take a sufficient amount of fiber per day (which is not less than 500 grams of product), it is possible to supplement the diet of fiber, which is sold in powder form in a pharmacy.

2. Water

Sufficient intake of water. This rule does not mean that you need to push a daily three liters of fluid - no need to drink as they become thirsty. But the total amount of alcohol consumed per day of water should not be less than a liter.

3. Coffee

It is a natural product brewed.

It was a clinical study that proved that this product is highly effective in the prevention of cancer of the liver and intestines.

4. Calcium

Adequate intake of calcium in the body - an important condition in the prevention of colon cancer. This microelement able to inhibit the growth of cancer cells in the gut. The daily calcium intake rate - a (1 g, and in women over 55 years old 1.5 grams).

If you are unable to ensure adequate intake of calcium with food (as it is contained not only in milk and dairy products, as well as greens, citrus fruits, nuts, sesame, cabbage), it is possible to compensate for half of the daily dose using Dietary supplements.

5. Vitamin D

It not only improves the absorption of calcium, but also in itself has a high anticancer activity. To make up for the vitamin D you need to frequently walk in the fresh air (it is the only vitamin that is produced in the skin by exposure to direct sunlight).

With food, too, can make up for its deficiency - vitamin D is found in seafood, fish, eggs.

These recommendations are not only preventive advice. People who have undergone treatment for bowel cancer, it is strongly recommended to follow these simple food rules - it will prevent the development of cancer process conducted after relapse therapy.

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