How to replace the cracked tiles

Very often floor tiles suffer from chips, cracks or other damage. Many people are rare, but are missing from heavy objects hands. Therefore, each holder of the tiles on the floor, be aware how to replace cracked tiles.

For those who have not yet put the tile, you need to take stock of Tile (3-5 pcs). When you search for the same tile as the one that was broken, it can no longer find. Factories often updating collections, and the old is removed from production. In addition, each party may be slightly different in color from each other.

Let's start with the dismantling of the old tiles. The first step is to clean the grout joints from a depth slightly greater than the thickness of the tiles. This can be done with a knife sharp and hard. But not every grout can be so easy to remove. There are quite strong. If the seam thickness enables, you can cut through the seams of the turbine.

Next, you need to bring down the old tile. Take the hammer and chip at least some piece of cracked tiles to get close to it with a chisel. Next, using a chisel bring down not only the tiles but also the adhesive cement that lies beneath it.

Before you replace the cracked tile floor should be cleaned from dust with a vacuum cleaner and primed deep penetration ground. A few hours later, after the primer has dried, can be installed a new one.

Further, all as usual. Dilute the adhesive cement is applied to the tile using a comb, put the tile in place of the old, and after drying the clobbered seams. On sale are small bags glue-cement, weighing 1 kg. And it is required to purchase. For lack of a comb, cement glue can be applied to ordinary trowel. Area need a spatula to remove the track glue-cement, through each cm.

If you suddenly sank below the level of the tile, it should be how to get it. Usually stick to the spatula, and a seam to hook the tile. At the same time on the neighboring tile may form cleavage. What would nebylo cleavage, place them under a cloth or cardboard applicator.

If you still have the old grout, check to see whether it has expired shelf life. If grout do not, then take a slice of the old grout, you fought off and go with her to the store. Seller will select the pattern of the same color.

I hope to replace the cracked tile is now for you is not difficult. It is very easy to do yourself. Especially that masters rarely taken for such a small operation. And if they take, then it will cost is not cheap.

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