What you need to know when the replacement pipe to metal and plastic

Plastic pipes and fittings
Plastic pipes and fittings

Replacement of pipes in the metal and plastic allows you to get rid of most of the problems with the plumbing in the apartment.

Constantly leaking pipes, unobscured taps, dripping faucets, plumbing all these faults can be eliminate replacing the old rusty iron pipes, clogged with rust and slime from the inside to the new metal and plastic.

Sometimes water pressure increases to normal, if the pipes are clogged in the flat, instead of in the feed riser. Risers are usually clean the inside. On the pipes in the apartment is about the same, up to half of the section of the pipe for decades of operation is clogged with rust and dirty black substance.

Composition pipe It consists of three layers. The inner smooth translucent layer through which the water runs. The middle layer of aluminum, and an outer protective, plastic, typically white on black type which are data products, brand and manufactured markings in meters.

Metal pipes are usually sold in the round coils of 100 meters and sellers in the construction market cut off the right amount of pipe being guided by the inscriptions on the tube. For example from 36m to 42m. For the replacement of pipes in the apartment it takes an average of 7 - 11 meters, depending on the location and distance from the opening faucets plumbing fixtures. Bathtubs, sinks, kitchen sink, water heater and so on.

Distributing water plastic pipes

Before replacing the tubes on metal and plastic must be removed from the bathroom all the right things and impressionable citizens. It will operate the Bulgarian will fly pretty sparks during removal of old water pipes and all the toothbrushes, towels, etc., left in the bathroom, very quickly come into disrepair.

It is also necessary to remove all the basins, buckets, bath curtain, and so on to Fight to free workplace for plumbing.

If desired, you can change the water standpipes in the bathroom, replace the riser towel himself heated towel rail change, if it is separate from the water supply system, and replace the pipe to metal and plastic at once complex. So you do not worry about the state of the plumbing layout of the apartment.

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