Tiles with imitation of natural wood - a worthy replacement of the parquet

  • When there is a need to change the flooring, the vast majority prefer natural wood, but wood floors has serious disadvantages:
  • Parquet requires constant care. It will have quite often scrape and varnish. If this is not done, then the flooring will lose its luster and will look "reproach."
  • Parquet deteriorate from exposure to chemicals. It is easy to spoil the furniture during the reshuffle.

To replace brittle solid wood floor can be used ceramic tiles with an imitation wood.

The advantages of ceramic tiles:

1. Unlike other floor coverings, tile easy to clean and less formed thereon microbes. Therefore, ceramic tile is often used in the honey. institutions.
2. Tiles manufactured from environmentally friendly material, so it is completely safe.
3. Tile shock-resistant, it can withstand enormous loads. You will not damage the tile furniture, on legs that no special labels.
4. Tile is not afraid of fire and water.
5. Ceramic tile is especially recommended in the kitchen and bathroom room, t. To. Created an additional layer of waterproofing, and reduced the risk of flooding the neighbors.
6. Wash the tiles can be virtually any chemical cleaners.
7. Time does not affect the appearance of tiles. Even after 10 years, the floor will look like new.

Big minus ceramic tiles - floor gets pretty cold. However, this problem is solved by installing a tile floor heating. Tiles with imitation wood looks very natural, it is worth a lot cheaper natural parquet. This tile will look great in any room of your apartment, creating a homely and cozy atmosphere.

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