How to make your own high quality self-leveling floors

Surely most of us in the repair of the question arose, how is it possible to align the floor, if it is not much of the curve, but it must be like says to do "in the ideal", for example for laying tile, and if you can not, or simply desire to pour screed on beacons. I'll tell you how to make self-leveling floors. It's just elementary and why not throw out money when all you can do it yourself.

So is it all in the following sequence. To start check alignment surface, ie the floor, cracks, and other through-holes to be repaired before pouring the floor, for example by means of foam, an adhesive or other composition, e.g. rotbenda elemental or alabaster, since there is a danger simply protopit neighbors.

After we do this procedure, I advise you to treat the floors in the room with the help of waterproofing, for example, which is sold in bags and divorced as a tile adhesive, with a spatula or brush applying layer upon layer of the fibers in different directions, along the transversely for better waterproof. Once we have this thing dries, install bumpers, or the so-called formwork, if it is necessary in any field. And now I will tell you in detail how to make self-leveling floors.

Take any container, which will make a mixture and pour it into the water and pour the mixture, keeping all proportions, which are written in the instructions on the bag with the mixture. As a result, when properly prepared, you should get a little slurry mixture of sour cream, and which is necessary to fill the entire room evenly.

In order to mass is distributed uniformly over the entire area used for rolling special needle rollers kotroye just let the air out of the screed and spread the mixture on the floor. Important! In order to maximize the mixture was distributed evenly roller need to drive in opposite directions and slowly, so that it is not captured wave mixture. Then, as a result of all these manipulations will turn the mirror on the screed, which would mean the end of work. It only remains to wait for the complete drying of ...

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