How to choose a gas fireplace

Fireplace today - not wood or electric. Over time, the fireplace - gas. Instead of logs in it - the burner to which the heating for the classics supporters attached refractory casts firewood, coal and ash, imitating the real maximum realism.

Typically, the burner is hidden in the housing under the iron tempered glass. Her decorate creating the illusion of burning wood falshpolenyami of heat resistant ceramics. Of non-combustible materials - pottery, wrought iron, natural stone - made and facing portal, perform not only decorative but also a protective function.

For the circulation of warm and cold air in the portal fireplace provided ventilation grille. Without facing exploit the gas furnace is prohibited: a violation of air can cause a fire.

Top gas fireplace serves as the sweeping. The combustion products enter the discharge channel and out the chimney. A "accordion" on the edges of the sweeping body serves to enhance heat transfer. Heat losses in such a fireplace is only 15%, while the wood fire they reach 70%. The advantage of gas fireplaces - in their cost, which is achieved by the forced exchange of air, a combustion chamber sealed and efficient removal of the combustion products of the isolated scheme.

When choosing a fireplace with gas, it is important to remember that chimney there is not only for the thrust and withdrawal of the products of combustion from the room. It must take among other things, and the water vapor formed during combustion gas. Therefore, in flue gas fireplace must be of stainless steel in the insulation of the heat-resistant and water-repellent material which is not afraid of any heat or moisture.

Modern stoves gas favorably with wood and coal high power (12.7 kW) and low flow Fuel - 500 grams per hour in the heating mode and from 180 g per hour - a decorative mode (this is comparable to the rate of gas cooking Plate).

In modern fireplace unlike traditional gas cooker burner feed gas can be called intellectual. Managed by a fire button, and a number of models even comes with a remote control. The design has a built-in gas supply management system and body heat control.

Tracking air temperature sensor readings in the fireplace and the indoor machine increases or decreases the flame lights or extinguishes the burner. When the room warms up to the desired temperature, the control system will shut off the gas and enables it again when cooled.
A safety sensors will track the flame and draft, the entry and gas pressure. Having discovered the problem of "intelligent" fire itself will stop the gas supply to the burner and prevent the risk of fire or poisoning.

Thus, not only excluded the possibility of overheating, when the contingency thermoelectric fuse shut off the fire, but the spreading of sparks, as there is an open in the current gas models flame.

If the home side by side a few gas customers, for the smooth operation of the system can be useful cylinders united gas train. Of the benefits of civilization to this miracle of technology will only need electricity - sensors and control system shall operate from the mains. Gas pipe for such equipment is not necessary. Marked gas fireplaces to give fuel type:

  • N - natural, natural gas;
  • P - propane, propane.

I.e. fireplaces working as natural gas from a central gas supply system and the liquefied of cylinders (propane-butane). So that the pipeline is not necessary for the fireplace. For installation and connection of a gas fireplace need to invite specialist: An employee of the gas service He must submit it to the account book of the gas equipment and carry out regular qualified service.

The fireplace in the apartment is not available to everyone!

It is one thing - giving, the other - apartment building. Setting a limit fire in a city apartment. For example, it can be integrated in the partition, but you can not - in the bearing wall. In the Russian legal field is no common standard for the installation of fireplaces in the apartments, there are only regional regulations on this matter. Muscovites, for example, can establish a working fireplace in the apartment only in that case, if the property is located on the top floor - then the output will not damage the chimney and the house residents. But when outputting the channel provided by the draft, which is typical for old buildings and is found in elite new, and is in working condition, then the problem of placing an open flame source withdrawn.

Note: weight limit

Difficulties with the installation of the fireplace in the urban housing and associated with weight restrictions. To obtain permission to install the required load calculation. SNP 2.01.07-85 determines the maximum permissible load on the overlap 150 kg / m². Therefore, from the brick, iron, granite and marble fireplaces have to be abandoned. It is necessary to take into account more and a lot of the chimney when it is not attached to the ceiling and creates pressure on the floor.

allowing documents

If the first two limitations you have overcome, the next stage - the resolution of the Inspectorate for Supervision of rebuilding of premises in residential homes. Besides apartments rework plan to obtain it is necessary to provide the wiring diagram of the chimney, its hydro and thermal insulation. According to the requirements of SNIP D1-01-2003, you must also specify the performance of the fireplace. Therefore with the choice of the model and its place in the apartment will have to decide in advance.

Fire safety

The fire and environmental services need to provide a large set of documents. The scale (1: 2000) the site plan the placement of a residential house shall be marked with all the adjacent buildings an indication of the number of floors, and in the explanatory memorandum - both quantitative and qualitative characteristics of the emissions of the existing fireplace atmosphere.

Instructions obliges the owner of the fireplace to calculate the degree of air pollution at different heights, taking into account the number of floors of adjacent buildings.

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