Self-laying tiles in the bathroom

The first thing that comes to mind when you think about facing the bathroom, it is, of course, ceramic tile. And it would be nice to put it across the room volume, but just who else will do it, if not from the experience itself?

Laying the tiles in the bathroom - the event is so responsible that requires specific knowledge and sufficient experience. Only master tilers many take for their work, which does not agree with the loss of the amount of budgetary funds and family. And the average forced the landlord to do everything on their own, though, and sometimes it turns out a bit (to say the least) of alignment. And a little poorly.

To plitochki not drop off and lay straight and beautiful, it is advisable to listen to the good and not very complicated advice.

First of all it is necessary to prepare high-quality materials and tiles to choose a margin of at least 10 percent. To do this, make basic measurements in the bathroom and count the developed surface area, you'll stoning. Well, and plus one-tenth, of course. A glue count about better without reserve. Then buy in addition. On bags with tile adhesive all specified - and the consumption per square meter, and how to work with it, and how to store.

Laying the tiles in the bathroom: the main stages

You should begin as always - with the preparation of the base. It is desirable that it was not only smooth, without potholes and sagging, but also with notches that can be done even with a chisel, punch though. Immediately before the operation the walls and floor should be degreased, and allow to dry. It can be primed, even desirable.

While the wall dries, prepare tool:

Clay, you have already purchased, tile cutter will need either a Bulgarian with a circle of stone, building level, layout tools, glasses, gloves, trowel.

Laying the tiles in the bathroom does not begin with a long, and with a visible angle. In the far corner, and then the shower can be placed, but if on the most prominent pieces then have to mold - is not very good. Think of how to arrange all the tiles on the walls, I had to cut it to a minimum. This is ugly and cumbersome. You can draw directly on the wall of the approximate line, which in the process will be followed.

Prepare the glue that to look at him! Today the dry mixture in abundance, so surely you purchased this adhesive, which is simply diluted with water to desired consistency. Give him a little brew, "sour", but do not get too carried away and go to watch football. 15-20 minutes for full readiness enough. And yet, you can start.

Wall, we have already determined where to start stoning. Spatula is desirable to take special, for the application of tile adhesive. This is such that the stinger is not smooth, for fillings, but with "teeth", i.e., the solution applied when ironing will stay on the basis of strips - that we seek. Do not overdo it with the amount of glue, but missed and do not leave spaces. Ideally, all of the base to be coated adhesive mass.

To between the tiles to leave a certain distance, sell special plastic crosses and costs a penny forty pieces, so that they acquire more, they come in handy. Laying on the floor in the bathroom tiles should start from the center, as if it was not uncomfortable.

Determine the center of each wall and draw two perpendicular straight on the floor. Their intersection will be the beginning of your work on the installation. Hence gradually move to the corners. There already have to cut, where to go. Clay usually dry day, so just have fun and relax, and watch football. Better too much time to wait than to attack by non-thickened wall. A trowel tile joints will have when all is completely dry.

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