What better GCR or LSU

Today, in the construction market a new type of decorative material - a glass-sheets. With more universal qualities, they are ready to fully replace its predecessor - GCR (plasterboard) .For understand that it is better the old proven drywall or glass-new material should be considered specifications both.

Let's start with the FCL - it is made of two layers of cardboard with a modified gypsum content, which makes it environmentally friendly, it is lightweight and easy to install. It is used for leveling walls, partitions construction, arches and multi-level ceilings. This material is only suitable for use indoors.

In contrast to the GCR, LSU panel can be applied to facade finishing. Drywall sheets are produced of varying lengths and thicknesses, but they all have a standard width. Their low cost is very attractive consumers.

Now consider the SML - looks virtually identical to the GCR. They are made of a special mixture of compressed chloride, magnesium oxide and perlite, which are glued on both sides of the fiberglass mesh reinforced. This material also does not contain harmful substances, but, unlike his predecessor, he does not break, bend and well suited for dry and wet rooms.

For operational and technical characteristics SML Saint Petersburg in their stores provides the goods sufficient quantity, are characterized by high thermal insulation, sound insulation, frost and heat resistance. With non-combustible properties, such material can be used even for facing the fireplace. And in recent years, many gardeners began to use it for finishing the facades of their country houses.

Partitions made of LSU have a soundproof, which is 4 times higher than that of the GCR and twice higher than that of particleboard sheets. In addition, glass-sheets are perfectly amenable to any kind of decoration: painting, wallpaper, veneer, plastic, stone, tile, and more. Installation of both types of sheets is fairly simple, with a metal frame.

All SML of glass sheets for which the price is dependent on criteria such as size, density, additional processing and the manufacturer brand, perfect for decoration outside and inside. All these qualities suggest that glass-sheets are much better than drywall. A range of application is much wider than that of other finishing materials.

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