Oriental secrets: what is the use of walking with rice in socks

Regularly working on foot, you can get rid of many problems and start the process of healing the body.

It's no secret that throughout the human body are located points that are linked to the internal organs. However, according to the teachings of oriental medicine, it is the foot, this is the place where collected the largest number of these same points. Because, if we want to stay healthy, we should think about how to start a daily massage of the foot and give them due attention and care.

There are many ways to influence the reflex points. For example, acupressure can be done by massaging the foot fingers, and you can use the representation in this article in a manner that will allow you to combine business with pleasure, and above all without looking up from his Affairs. All we need to do rice, or any other cereals.

Before we get to the very method offers short acquainted with the benefits that it brings:

  • improving blood circulation;
  • It strengthens the immune and nervous systems;
  • treating and preventing the development of flatfoot;
  • relieves pain, tension and muscle weakness in the legs;
  • restores intestinal function;
  • It helps in the treatment of colds and heart disease.

method 1

To perform foot massage, we need the socks, it is desirable that they were dense and warm. Both of our sock fill a good handful of rice, and then we put them on their feet. So we go through the house from 30 minutes to an hour. In this case, you can safely engage in household chores.

method 2

Instead of socks, we can use slippers. However, this method is only appropriate for closed sneakers. A process similar, sleeps grits and go at least half an hour.

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If you have any health problems, consult your doctor!

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