5 facts about the weight, which you should know

The role played by genes, why there is a "plateau" and why you should not chase the small figure on the scales - in the material.

Body weight is programmed in genes

However, it is not all about kilograms. We are talking about the constitution of the body. Today there are three main types of body:

  • endomorph
  • mesomorph
  • ectomorph

Usually, the human body combines the features of three types, with some predominance of one of them. This explains why people respond differently to a certain number of calories and different shed or gain weight. So, endomorphs - people of average height with a stocky build. They are easy to gain weight or build muscle mass, but with great difficulty it was released. ectomorphs - a classic thin persons. Weight gain for them - an impossible task at times.

If we talk about the excess kilos, then there is some interference with genetics. But not so critical, blaming parents Zhirkov on the tummy. Science says that only 5% of cases obesity is genetically laid. In human DNA of 32 laid obesity gene - which means that the most unfavorable picture of the excess weight is not more than 10 kilograms.

Blame bad heredity of "hard bone" is not necessary. It is likely that your excess weight is caused by excessive consumption of sugar, biscuits, fastufuda, as well as lack of physical activity, chronic stress, and even poor environment. Even so, a large number of adverse factors you can lose weight. The main thing - the power of the will.

Remember, you can have a strong predisposition to gain weight and still be skinny, but you can have a brilliant inheritance and stay full. Wine around - junk food, like fast food or sweets.

Body weight may vary under the influence of time of day and menstrual cycle

Scales show us not overweight, and overall. This means that this figure should take into account the mass of the skeleton, muscles, blood, water, and internal organs. Thus, fluctuations of weight in the morning and evening can be explained by changes in the amount of liquid.

Usually, the real figure should be available in the morning, after all the "cleaning" procedures. At this time, excess fluid and food residue left your body. As a rule, the weight can vary between 1500 grams, and it depends on the amount eaten on the night of salty foods, drinking alcohol and even stress.

It is also worth noting the change in mass during the menstrual cycle. Possible modifications may reach 1-3 kilos. This can be explained physiological fluid retention in the body, based on a hormonal imbalance at this time.

Hormones and weight is to talk separately. The fact that the violations of production of certain hormones becomes very difficult to control your appetite, there is a well-known attraction to sweet and salty. In addition, there are always tired obliges women to make up the energy crisis and severe calorie food.

To keep your weight under control, try at this time to control the amount of food consumed, type in the diet foods rich in fiber, abstain from alcohol and fatty meats

Small figure in the balance - not a guarantee of a beautiful figure

Obsession with weight unnecessarily and inefficiently. The fact that the two girls with a mass of 60 kg may look completely different. This can be explained by the different ratio of muscle to fat tissue. Muscles much denser and heavier than fat, so 1 kg of muscle tissue is much smaller in volume than 1 kg of fat.

Intensively losing weight, adhering to strict unbalanced diet, the girls in the first place to lose muscle, and after their exhaustion of the body is taken to break down fat deposits. When fat mass and decrease by a certain percentage (and sometimes it is very rare, most often girls have enough willpower only on the muscles), will be reflected in the mirror is not pretty. Rest assured, it will be a sad spectacle.

Today, this phenomenon was given the name skinny fatOr hudyshki thick. Girl losing weight the old-fashioned way, have a deficiency of muscle tissue and reduce the percentage of fat is not obtained. The clothes are, of course, look good. But it is necessary to try on a swimsuit as considerably bad mood - because their body has now become flabby and loose.

It must be remembered about the weight a "plateau"

Girl losing weight on the scales, probably faced with the problem of weight "plateau" where the body weight at all, even a very cruel manipulations, pauses for a not very long time. However, the changes stopped only with respect to numbers. In fact centimeters go, and constantly changing the ratio of fat and muscle in the body.

Weight plateau - this is not a punishment but a blessing, thoughtful nature preserve. Even with the prolonged downtime weight, we continue to change, but not so intense. During this time, your body has a chance to restore the stretched ligaments tighten skin folds, the remaining after weight loss, to adjust the water-salt balance and establish a new mode of operation of the cardiovascular system.

Set of 12 kilograms during pregnancy - is the norm

If you plan to become a mother, the question of weight gain during pregnancy is relevant for you. To begin, we note that changes in body weight will affect a very large number of factors, from genetics to toxicity and fetal size.

On average, women with a healthy body weight is considered normal range of about 12 kilograms for the entire pregnancy, of which adipose tissue is given no more than 3.2 kilograms, and the rest - the weight of the fetus, placenta, amniotic fluid, blood and further elaborated uterus.

After birth, significant changes in weight are not observed since leaving only the figure that was the weight of the fetus, placenta, and water, as well as a small amount of blood. However, further changes take place that will make your weight is unstable: the milk will begin to come, and some women can "nalitsya". This is a normal physiological process, which is also reflected in the mass.

However, further weight loss will more effectively. The fact that milk production body spends a lot of calories - from 200 to 500 per day. Approximately the same person spends long hour and a half at a jog.

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