To have a flat stomach, you need to know all the rules of 4

If you eat irregularly and incorrectly, there will be no benefit from any training, in particular, it is not necessary for such food to expect that you will have a flat stomach. It is important not only what you eat, but also the order of eating the food. If we adhere to certain rules, you can get rid of the bloating, as well as the deposition of fat in the waist area.

Eat slowly

It seems that this recommendation is quite simple to observe, but to actually go to a new slow pace of the meal will be quite difficult. When you hurry along with the food ingested a significant amount of air that collects in the stomach, causing bloating. Is also important that when unhurried chewing saturation comes much earlier. This means that you are likely to eat less food and as a result do not put on weight.

Choose small portions

Let your food on the plate is not more than your fist. Such a restriction will contribute to a thorough assimilation of foods without overloading the stomach. It is better to eat more often, but small portions. This method will positively affect the metabolic processes occurring in the body and help in a rather short period of time to give a figure shape.

Include in your diet yogurt

Special studies indicate that the presence of certain types of microorganisms in the human digestive tract can be the basis for a set of extra weight. But the problem should not be considered insurmountable. Yoghurt may well stop the weight gain process.

Thanks to scientific analysis conducted by nutritionists in the United States, it became known that yogurt, which contain probiotics, can stop the action of the bacteria that lead to fullness. For this purpose it is better to choose plain yogurt without any fruit or other additives. If in addition to this to begin to eat properly, then the weight will leave you fast enough

Forget about stress

Stress is the cause of overeating and prevent correct operation of the digestive system. As a result, the blood instead of being involved in the processing of food is sent to other parts of the body.

Effective methods for rapid stress relief: Drink tea with mint or chamomile, turn on soft music. You can also take a bath with essential oils.

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