"I wish I knew ranshe🤷♀️": Why the keys F and J are doing bumps?

Hello friends!

Today we talk about the keyboard, namely - what the keys do bumps. It's a marriage? Or is it done on purpose?

If you notice, the data bumps are applied all over the keyboard. Except sometimes playing the keyboard. But why? About this later.

♦ These bumps are made for quick printing methods. This method involves posing hands on these keys, that they are not looking. Ie, putting hands on the keyboard, you will feel for lumps and already know exactly what it is the F key for left hand and a right-J.

♦ Here's how to put your hands on the keyboard. Under the index fingers just have bumps and is data. This method of "touch typing" several times faster typing.

Arrangement of letters in a chaotic manner, too, made not by accident. More in typewriters observed the same location. And why? All due to the fact that most employed selected key blocks under different fingers to a set is done comfortably and quickly.

I hope I answered your question, and you enjoyed my article. Write in the comments if you write blindly? 👇

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