How to make an ultraviolet flashlight from a smartphone?

Hello friends!

We want to feel like a detective, and test different tracks under ultraviolet light? And on the right flashlight was sorry for the money? This is an easy fix, we will be enough for your smartphone!

In fact, everything is easy and simple. For such an "invention" we need:

♦ Transparent tape. It is better to take a small tape, rather than a major. So it will be more convenient.

♦ 2 pen. One blue and one purple.

♦ Any phone with flash, which is a function of the flashlight through the flash. Well, or any smartphone on Android or iOS.

How to make?

♦ To start clean flash place to tape do not quickly come unstuck.

♦ Then take the adhesive tape strip 1, and mount it on the camera flash. And on top of scotch paint area flashes blue felt-tip pen.

♦ Then glue another strip on top and just paint in blue felt-tip pen.

♦ As you may have guessed, the last layer as sticking on a flash place, but paint the purple marker.

Here's what you should get in the end:

Everything! Your ultraviolet flashlight is ready! Try to shine them in the dark and you will find many traces. Very good cleanliness detector. 😁

I hope you enjoyed my article and be useful to you.

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