"To know ranshe🤷♀️": Why 2 arrows on the TAB key?

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A new article in the series of articles about the keyboard. At this time, we will deal with the question - why in the key Tab 2 hands, and what do they mean?

The Tab key is named not by accident. Literally it designates «tabulation» - text alignment. This feature appeared long before computer keyboards. More on typewriters.

Rear cars are special devices - tabs. She had to put the stoppers, which created a red line and indented. Pressing the tab, the carriage stopper of the first abutment and the typist can continue to print with a given indented.

Arrows on the very same key, draw a simple to understand. They represent just the very margins, which makes this key.

And what does the Tab key in our time? Read about it below.

Tab function in our time

In a text editor

In a text editor, this key makes all the same indentation that is specified in the settings of the program. In fact, this old copy functions on typewriters.

In browsers

In browsers, this key can be used as a transition fill in the forms. See the example below.

When you press the Tab after you enter your name, you will go to the line "Your Name" and so on.

In Windows

The system uses this key with other keys. For example, Alt + Tab to switch between windows.

I hope you liked the article and you will learn something new!

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