Kadelak who rides on coal.

The first oil crisis 1972 year (the price of oil rose by 4 times) has shown the vulnerability of the American automobile industry and the dependence on oil. It was the height of fashion at the luxurious and powerful cars. 8 cylinder engines power reached 400 hp and fuel consumption up to 38 liters per 100 km. On the rise in oil prices, American motorists reacted peculiar: "We want a luxury car with a powerful low-cost fuel".

US the world leader (26%) of proven reserves of coal, and only 2.2% of oil reserves. Based on this, General Motors management has decided to develop a gas turbine engine in the coal. More precisely milled to carefully state to coal dust.

On the first American car with a gas turbine engine, read: Jet engine in the car

We took as a basis turbine engine Detroit Diesel Allison. It differed simple structure, compactness and light weight. It remains only to make a refueling system, storage and supply of coal dust. The ground to the state of powder coal constantly stick together in clumps. This problem was solved by installing the screw is constantly mixed coal powder. With supply system in the engine of the last to suffer for almost five years. In the end, we decided on the principle of the conveyor belt.

In gazofikator (analog carburetor) acted coal dust in small portions, but with a high frequency. In gazofigatore dust mixed with the compressed air and form a fuel mixture fed into the combustion chamber. Pressing pedal respectively regulated gas supply frequency portions of the coal powder and the compressed air volume. To start the turbine engine used special starting a diesel engine.

The main problem has been refueling machine. If coal dust into the air that could hang mist hours. Each refill transformed-test technicians in the miners. Moreover, it is very difficult to wash out.

Turbine engines equipped with two production machines: cadillac Eldorado

and Oldsmobile Delta 88

In 1981 there was a presentation of new cars for journalists, where the vice-president of General Motors said that in the 21st century, most American cars will ride on coal. He clearly lukavil- by this time it was decided to close the project and the emphasis shifted to the fuel cells and electric high-capacity battery.

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