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Hello. A few days ago I bought a new smartphone from the company OPPO which appeared recently. It's called OPPO RENO Z value of 28 000 rubles. In this article, I decided to share with you my opinion about this model, because it quite surprised me. So, let's begin.

kit smartphone
kit smartphone


I immediately apologize for the quality of the light and shooting as I had to shoot away. Let us turn to the set. Set in this smartphone is quite rich. Included are cover pretty good quality, fast charging VOOS 3.0 already inflicted screen protector, USB Type-C cable and headphones with excellent sound quality. For comparison, my headphones for 5000 rubles sound about as well.


Housing in this device is made of glass and shelfplasty. In general, nothing is conventional, but it should be noted that the back cover is almost does not leave fingerprints on it is also applied to the protective film, that I was quite surprised.


The smartphone is already familiar teardrop design, but would like to say thank you to the manufacturer of the camera do not stick out as in the same Redmi Note 7 the lens is scratched after a year of use and special so to speak, "bumps" which is under the chamber and defend it, and in part the casing from scratches and dust.


On the smartphone installed proprietary shell companies OPPO ColorOS 6.0. Bad or good it is, I can not say because everyone has his own taste, but I can say that the shell is fairly advanced. There's a lot of different functions for example smart riding, children's mode, and many others. Personally, I was pleased with it.


It think the main criterion for selecting a smartphone in 2019, and with it a smartphone, too, everything is fine. The smartphone has a double main chamber at 48 + 5 megapixels and frontalku 32 megapixels. In general, the smartphone takes very good. For example, when compared to Redmi Note 7 which are the same camera, if you look at the numbers, it RENO Z Quality shooting just a head taller.

But to compare them certainly foolish because the price difference is very big. The smartphone is a lot of different modes for shooting including dual zoom and night shooting. Just below I'll do my photo made on this smartphone. But unfortunately for the full appreciate them you do not succeed because of the fact that Zen compresses the files, but I have a rough picture can convey.

Photo by double-range zoom
Photo by double-range zoom

As for shooting video? The smartphone is able to shoot in three modes 30fps 4K and FullHD and HD at 60fps. Sound when shooting video is also at a high level.

Useful functions

With this, everything is perfect as a smartphone there is everything. Namely, the NFC, 3.5mm, unlock feature in the face and the scanner screen.


That's probably the main drawback of the smartphone. Or rather not a disadvantage, as well as the omission competitors are ahead. The test power smartphone scored 165,000 points, which is not as much as we would like. However, the most powerful of the game such as PUBG and World OF Tanks are easy, and the smartphone is almost not heated, and if you do not some kind of mobile gamers, and will not play for five hours a day, then this smartphone games will be enough for the next 2-3 years.

Battery capacity

The smartphone has a battery capacity of 4035 mah, but to be honest I was surprised when I saw how much it holds a charge. I do not know how they managed to achieve this optimization, but I use a smartphone at an average lived 2.5 days. I would also like to praise the technology of fast charging that quickly charges the device. Just 10-13 minutes of time to recharge your smartphone up to 50%.


I usually do not mention this criterion in their reviews, but that this smartphone is simply impossible not to mention the sound as that's what struck me about him the most. In the first place in the smartphone installed stereo speaker, and secondly it has a very loud and high-quality sound. Sounds simple, like a mini portable speakers.


Official price in Russia is 27 990 rubles, and in my opinion the smartphone is fully justifies the money spent on it. And it is able to compete with the already well-established in the Russian Huawei and Xiaomi brands.

Go to the store: OPPO official store

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