Construction of the foundation on the slope: Tips builder

When building a house on difficult terrain it is necessary to take into account many parameters, including the angle of the slope.

It often happens that put the house in another place is just not possible, so the slope - the only suitable place.

Types of foundations for slope

Build houses on the slope - this is not a good idea, the main problems are the possible shedding of soil subsidence of the foundation and the likelihood of flooding with water coming from the top of the slope.

Therefore, before the start of construction is necessary to take seriously the choice of foundation, determine the characteristics of its construction.

Often, before you start work, you want to strengthen the soil, which is done by means of metal struts, geotextiles, special lattices and grids.

It helps and planting trees and shrubs, which delays the sliding soil.

It requires excellent drainage system, which effectively will take the moisture coming from the house.

Despite the complexity of such tasks are solved, although they are best left to professionals, especially drainage and settlement systems, covering the depth of laying the foundation in different points.

Based on these data it is already possible with their own hands to put tape or pier foundation, without fearing that the house prosyadet and destroyed or simply washed away upon the occurrence of a thaw in the spring.

The easiest option is considered to be the pile pier foundation, which has a low cost and ease of installation, but it can not make the device basement shopping premises.

Is complicated and expensive tape, but in many cases it is necessary to put it, since it has the greatest convenience, there is a possibility of building a basement or plinth.

Features of pile foundation for slope

Pile foundation can be placed on any type of soil, but especially it is recommended especially for difficult conditions, for example, sand or marshy soil, to steep slopes.

Of all the species that exist at the moment, to the slopes of the most suitable pile-foundation screw on metal pipes.

In the construction of the ground immersed in the special screw piles required depth, which in the end blades are literally screwed into a metal pipe into the soil.

After that, the pipe filled with cement from the top you can start to mount gratings, ie the beam.

These foundations can be low, medium, high, everything depends on the design, construction conditions. Variant of this construction is relatively inexpensive, solid or strip foundation is much more expensive.

Of the advantages of the device of this type of foundation should be noted:

  • optimality in the construction of wooden houses, log cabins, a small frame houses;
  • reliability in construction and in difficult terrain slopes;
  • little effort;
  • reasonable cost, which is only twenty percent of the construction cost of the house;
  • installation can be performed at any time of the year.

But there are drawbacks, including:

  • inability devices basement;
  • with a high level of soil water that option base do not recommended, if the construction is carried out on steep slopes.

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