Technology cladding foundation with his own hands

The durability of a building depends on the quality of its foundation. To structure the exploitation took place without further ado, you need to take care of the protection of his soles.

But one only protection for human nature is not enough, because every host wants to see on the site is not only securely protected from the external environment, but also beautifully designed building. The solution to this problem is to finish the house foundation.

Prepare the foundation for veneering

Before starting any work on the transformation of the foundation of the house, you need to prepare it.

The fact that the foundation is facing at the same time not only beautiful skin, but also a protective layer between the surface of the foundation and the external environment.

The fundamental structure must withstand constant load of the frame of the building, and external factors such as moisture, temperature extremes, winds, mechanical stress, impaired as foundation, whereby this design specifications deteriorate, which can lead to the geometry violation structures.

That in any case should not be allowed, and therefore the foundation necessary to be protected from any outside influence. You can do this by creating a blister protection under cladding layer.

Rough protection foundation arranged in several stages:

  • Creating a blind area.
  • Plaster surface.
  • Waterproofing.

In the first step necessary to ensure that the blind area - sloping concrete strip foundation along the perimeter. The role of the blind area is abduction water and dirt from the surface of the base.

To create a blind area of ​​need:

  • gravel;
  • sand;
  • cement sand mix.

The width of blind area must be 20 cm more than the removal of the roof. The first step is to remove the layer of soil in a thickness of 20-25 cm in the resulting recess and laid a drainage bag, consisting of gravel and sand.

Then pour the track 15 tisantimetrovym layer of cement-sand mortar, forming a slope from the house foundation. Around the perimeter of the track necessary to provide expansion joints every 2 meters, which are made of damping tape.

The second phase of works includes the plaster foundation of the house. A mixture of plaster is needed to cement-lime base with the addition of plasticizer. For imparting greater strength plaster is applied to the pre-attached, a metal mesh.

Next, the third stage - is to ensure Gidrobarer. Waterproofing for the foundations can be done in the following ways:

  • entire surface of the coat with bitumen,
  • across the surface of the foundation of the house put two layers of roofing material;
  • paint fundamental structure penetrating waterproofing.

After completion of training, you are ready to finish decorating the basement with his own hands.

Finishing the basement with natural stone

Today, many tend to be closer to nature and not the exception, and is finishing the foundation. The fundamental design lined stone (natural or artificial) looks very natural and accordingly nicely.

That is why many give their preference to finish the basement with his own hands with the help of stone. To Stone fundamental design of natural stone, you will need:

  • natural stone 30 mm thick;
  • hooks for attachment;
  • mesh 50x50 mm;
  • coarse filler;
  • adhesive solution;
  • composition for grouting;
  • water-repellent composition.

The first thing on the surface of the basement masonry is necessary to fix the net with the help of screws or dowels and washers. Above the mesh coarse filler is applied to obtain the surface roughness to provide better adhesion with the material.

After drying masonry layer can proceed to a stone wall. Prior to installation, the stones must be thoroughly cleaned of contaminants.

Then stones need to drill holes for the hooks by which they will be additionally recorded. The hooks are driven into the foundation, and they must be mounted stones.

Besides hooks stones fastened by means of special adhesive solution prepared according to the following prescription: 2 parts sand mixed with 1 part cement and the adhesive are added for facing complex surfaces.

After that you can start immediately to mount the stones in the foundation. On stone surface applied adhesive composition, and then applied to the stone foundation, putting it on the hook. The distance between the individual stones should be at least 1.5 cm. The joints between stones triturated with a special composition for the outer surfaces.

After completion of the work the stones should be washed with a gentle acid solution and treat their water-repellent composition.

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