A breakdown of the foundation with his own hands: interesting moments

It's no secret that the construction of homes should begin with the foundation layout. This is a very important process, because the quality of the performance depends on the further operation of the entire house, and human security.

The first thing you need to prepare:

  • place home construction;
  • area, where it will prepare a solution;
  • space for temporary buildings;
  • a place to rest.

Materials used:

  • metallic or wooden stakes;
  • cord;
  • triangle;
  • set of tools;
  • the water level.

A breakdown of the axes with their own hands

Breakdown axes foundation consists of three stages:

  • determining the principal axes;
  • applying dimensional axes;
  • castoffs.

To make a breakdown of the foundation with his own hands, you first need to determine its main axis. This is an important part of the geodetic works.

The main axes of the foundation are two perpendicular lines that originate from the centers of bearing walls. Their point of intersection must coincide with the point at which intersect the diagonal axis, which extend from the corners of the house.

To transfer circuit and axles with sufficient plan area position of one point at which the axes intersect. By further measuring the remaining points are determined. The intersection of the main axes designated pegs, their focus is fixed with a nail.

If the house is small and has a simple form, the breakdown is not required - you can immediately begin to identify dimensional axes. The axis should not be loosened, so that it is better to secure the pegs.

Overall axis - these are the lines that indicate the overall size of the design house on the plan. To find them, you need to make in the area are two points that make up the longest axis of the house. Then, the drawing must show the distance between all axes.

When marking the foundation is important to know and follow some rules:

  • If the house is square or rectangular, should strictly follow to house walls adjacent to each other at an angle of 90 degrees.
  • If the overlap is krupnopustotnymi panels, the foundation must be of the same size panels.

A method of breaking down the foundation of the "golden" triangle

One option may be a breakdown of the foundation construction of the "golden" triangle. Base angle is selected.

Hammered peg, which is defined by the direction of the future wall. Then in this direction is delayed 4m - set a second peg. Tightly stretched string between them.

Next you need to measure the thread is more than 3 m and 5 m The one that is shorter, it is necessary to bind to the first peg and longer -. The second. It should be noted in these points 3 and 5 length.

Then the ends and at the intersection of the peg is placed. A triangle with sides perpendicular (angle 90 degrees at the base).

Next are marked walls. Parallel cathetus drawstring delayed 6 and 4 m. There is also nailed pegs. There are already 3 buildings angle. Find the location of the 4 corners does not provide difficulty. It is necessary to postpone the 6 and 4 m on the other side and find the intersection point.

We check the diagonal. If they match, then everything is done correctly and hammered pegs so that was 30-40 cm. Then the fishing line is pulled along the perimeter and aligned to match with the level marks.

If the house is a small and simple shape, the breakdown is not required, you can immediately begin to identify dimensional axes. The axis should not be loosened, so that it is better to fix.

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