How to make headroom for wells with their own hands

Today we will speak about the center pole of the well, as well as how to make headroom for wells with their own hands.


Headroom well - a kind of cover that fits over the mouth of the well. This is extremely necessary detail during well operation.

He has a protective function: headroom prevents the ingress of any foreign objects into the casing, It protects the clean water from the well from rain, dust and debris, moreover, prevents freezing of well water in the winter.

Also attached to it by a cable submersible pump. In addition to these advantages, the well headroom helps reduce the risk of theft of components and the pump itself.

At present, the price of this unit ranges from 1.5 to 5 thousand. Many prefer to do it yourself, as they found it more economical option.

This is quite true, especially if you already have material which up to this point without lying.


So, the most important thing - the construction of homemade tip. For convenience and clarity necessary to divide the process into two stages: the construction of its main components and assembling the resulting structure at the wellhead.

Stage 1: preparation details

Start with the actual creation of the main parts of the structure. The first thing you need to decide is the material. End walls are metal (steel, cast iron or aluminum) or plastic.

only metal fit for self-creation. The most popular option - it is stainless steel, aluminum.

You will need:

  • one selected sheet metal thickness of 1 cm;
  • 6 or 8 bolts;
  • 3 eyebolt;
  • 1 carbine (the lower eyebolt);
  • sturdy metal wire;
  • introductory fittings;
  • plastic pipe for water supply.

And now we need to understand the design of the device:

  • From a sheet metal flange making. The inner diameter of the flange is measured by the outer diameter of the casing: it should be 1-2 mm greater than the diameter of the pipe.
  • When the flange is cut, cut thereto plug; size plugs should match the size of the flange. Its thickness should be 8-10 mm. The lid apertures do: for cable pump and a water supply pipe bolt holes 6-8 (respectively the same as the flange), 3 holes for eyebolts.
  • Set the input sockets for cables and pipes to make holes.
  • Set 3 eyebolt holes in previously performed: 1 bottom - cover 2 above - it. Lower eyebolt serve for fastening of the pump, and the top eyebolts - for greater convenience raising pump.
  • The latter problem at this stage - a lining of rubber, which is interposed between the lid and flange. Naturally, the size of it should comply with both parts, more precisely, their inner diameter.

Stage 2: assembling harvested parts and assembly design

Finally, when you get the device tip and the main parts are ready for it, you can start the device installation phase of the well with your hands.

Headroom will install directly on the casing.

Therefore, its preparation and the whole installation begins:

  • It should be cut perpendicular to the casing. This step is necessary in order to fit the dimensions of the pipe cover. Grind the edge of the tube, completely remove all burrs and anticorrosive cover edge.
  • The second step is to dive into the well pump. The first thing you need to measure out the desired length of the cable and cut the desired piece. Prepare the pump to dive in accordance with the rules specified in the instructions supplied with the pump. Now take the plastic pipe and the pump power cord. Fasten with plastic pipe, cable and wire: it is done with clamps.
  • Tube with ropes and cables necessary to thread through the tip cap. By the eyebolt, which is attached to the bottom cover is attached carabiner. This carabiner can attach one end of the cable.
  • It's time to weld the flange to the casing. When the flange is attached to the tube, put on his pad and drain pump. Put a cover which covers the upper portion of the casing top.

It remains only to press tightly against the gasket between the lid and the flange bolts and connect them.

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