Why speed up the smartphone is capable of banal reboot?

Efficiency is extremely high. But just say that it is not for all cases. acceleration felt clearly sometimes, and sometimes not at all noticeable improvement "by eye". It depends on the particular situation.

Anyway, most of the banal to reboot the smartphone is really able to speed it up. Why it happens?

Reboot allows you to clear high-speed memory.

In particular, a RAM (random access memory).

In the process of working with a smartphone it is used by all programs. It can "hide" an excessive amount of running applications, erroneous data and other information garbage.

It is reset at the restart of the smartphone. As a result, the device is accelerated.

During reboot cleaned temporary files from permanent storage (PP).

In the process, various applications can create temporary files in the PP to work correctly. After closing or uninstalling these files, in theory, should be erased.

But sometimes it fails. They remain fixated on performance. This leads to unnecessary consumption of computing power the smartphone.

Again, in many cases trivial restart smartphone solves this problem, and it starts to work faster.

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