Why do in Windows to safely remove the device from the computer?

You can easily damage valuable files. I shared their observations and conclusions.

So, why do on Windows to safely remove the device from the computer? The short answer is - if it is not done, you can simply lose your valuable files. I'll tell you some of the nuances.

The usual situation - on the stick to write files, and claimed the right information with them. Did it really have taken?

In fact it may be that the files are damaged or non-existent there.

What's the matter? The reason is usually simple - USB flash drive simply pulled out from the computer without making the Safely Remove Hardware.

Suppose there is a record of the files. On a flash drive, they can already be seen, but it does not mean that the recording ended.

Wait until the loading bar reaches the end.

Suppose she came to the end.

Do not rush to pull the stick. Otherwise, the files may be damaged!

In some cases, despite the fact that the visual process is completed, the information processing can continue.

If so, then when you try to safely remove the device Windows will notify you that it is occupied. Usually, you need to wait a bit and try again.

If you do not wait for completion of the process and simply pull out the USB flash drive, the files may become corrupted. Therefore, taking care of the security of information, many users still prefer to use the Safely Remove Hardware.

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