Why computer equipment falls in price up to 30-50% immediately after purchase?

Not logical, but it is quite true.

Immediately, I note that the article is based on our own practical observations and conclusions.

So why computer equipment usually falls in the price of up to 30-50% immediately after purchase?

In short, the more expensive it will be very bad sold with it. And now a little more.

I explain the example. Let's say an ordinary buyer purchased a computer in the store. A week later, for whatever reasons, it has to sell. For example, an urgent need of money.

But for the full value of his hand is not to sell, even if it is fully functional.

Why? Well, firstly, it is already considered previously installed. Second, their influence has a negative experience with similar sales, which are often found in the history of the Internet.

  • Sometimes the hands are selling substandard computers under the guise of new ones. At the same time give the bogus checks, printed on a standard printer.
  • Sometimes the sale of equipment for inexperienced users to slip under the guise of an old technique almost new.
  • Sometimes the hands are selling computers with defects which do not occur at the initial examination.

In general, the scams and unscrupulous sellers quite a lot. Therefore, people are often afraid to buy computers with it for almost the full price. The logic is clear.

If you take risks, then you need to pay a minimum.

Let's say all these negative risks are not related to a specific case. But, as this can be sure the buyer who does not know the seller?

Therefore, with the hands usually sells well, only the new equipment, the price of which dropped to 30-50% of the price in retail stores. That is my practical observation.

If you slow down the price by only 10-20%, the buyer can expect a very long time. It is highly probable that he is not there.

The only exception - the sale of newly purchased computer equipment and a working relatives or friends who believe in good faith seller.

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