Why is it dangerous to use the new smartphone to factory reset?

And because many people do not even think about it. Share your thoughts and conclusions.

I believe that it is dangerous to use the new smartphone to reset it to factory settings. But why? Besides there are good reasons.

Where is the guarantee that sellers or customers do not have time to change the factory default settings or to download suspicious programs?

Such absolute guarantee can not be in principle.

Of course, very few people will actually do it, but some risks are still there.

  • Dangerous viruses that have been added to antivirus exclusions. That is, it's about them, the user will not tell.
  • Activated remote access regime for third parties.
  • Downed settings that do not allow the smartphone to operate optimally.

The list goes on, but I think it's obvious that this "stuff" can be on the device.

Imagine what might happen, for example, if you start to use online banking with this smartphone? It can be downright dangerous from the standpoint of financial security.

So just in case it is better to perform a few simple steps with the new smartphone.

  • Reset all settings to factory default.
  • First, remove the anti-virus, if it exists. Then make finishing the installation of the official version.

With poor-quality fakes history can be even worse. There, these steps may not help if any "nasty" will be laid at the level of the base system.

Of course, some smart phones to purchase and how to deal with them - everyone decides for themselves. I just share your own thoughts and conclusions. I hope the information was useful.

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