Do you want to surprise your guests? A simple dessert of... vegetables! Slices of pumpkin with sugar, cinnamon and vanilla. Delicious!

Perhaps you did not expect to see on the channel "just about the health of" recipes? And in vain :) I believe that health depends on good nutrition. So sometimes I will share with you recipes for healthy meals that are prepared and love in our family.

Photos from the site Yandex. Images. My pumpkin so beautiful :)
Photos from the site Yandex. Images. My pumpkin so beautiful :)

Why pumpkin?

And today's post would not be if it were not my friend, Andrei Smirnov (greetings to you, my friend, if you read me!). It was he who brought me a pumpkin, lovingly grown in his garden. Pumpkin beautiful, bright, orange.

Recipe for my favorite grandmother

I immediately thought of his childhood with his grandmother in the village and its proprietary recipe - oven baked pumpkin. Initially, when my grandmother was not gas, it is baked the pumpkin in the oven. But then in the oven, it was also delicious. It was her signature dessert. Yes, the dessert! Pumpkin was obtained tender, sweet, melting in your mouth!

The picture from the site Yandex. Images
The picture from the site Yandex. Images

And preparing all elementary:

Take pumpkin, about 1 kg.
Clean it from the skin (I use a potato peeler - very convenient).
Remove the seeds (which, by the way, my grandmother was drying on a baking sheet in the oven, and then we nibbled :)).
Pumpkin cut into pieces about 10 cm in length. Width - the width of the pumpkin.
Photos from the site Yandex. Images
Photos from the site Yandex. Images

Fold in a deep pan.

Add a little olive (if there is, it is useful, if not - sunflower oil is odorless). About - a tablespoon.
Sprinkle slices with sugar - 1-2 tbsp. I take the brown, it is more useful.
Add the spices - a bag of vanilla and cinnamon. My grandmother used to do simple sugar, vanilla has been in short supply. But I decided to improve the recipe.
All mix, spread on a baking sheet.

We put in the oven for 30-40 minutes at 180 degrees.

Photos from the site Yandex. Images
Photos from the site Yandex. Images

Serve pumpkin with sour cream or natural yogurt.

The benefits of pumpkin to the human body

Be sure to try this recipe! Pumpkin - is not only tasty but also very useful! Substances contained in a pumpkin, increased hemoglobin, reinforce vessel walls and the heart muscle, reduce blood pressure, normalizes metabolism, stabilize digestion. And the pumpkin is very useful for diabetics, as it aligns the glycemic profile.

In our family pumpkin - in a constant diet. And you? Write in the comments if you like a pumpkin.

I am sorry that the photo is not mine. My pumpkin until the whole, just going to cook. Very much in a hurry to share with you a recipe :)

You'll like it!

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