The neighbors began to grow mold on the walls of plastic windows

Mold - fungi that reproduce by spores. Dwells in damp poorly heated environment. Very often, mold growing in the bathroom due to poor ventilation, but not rare, when the fungus can grow and in the rooms on the walls and in the corners.

The cause of it is a moist environment, which can not cope with the heating system, the lack of airing the room, as well as a violation when building a house or the installation of plastic windows.

Very often the mold can be spread on the walls on the outside of which - the street, that is, in a corner apartment, it was such an apartment with my neighbors and they told how for several seasons in a row, they are trying to fight it, but it all started with the fact that neither decided to replace the windows on plastic.

Having lived all his life with wooden frames, early spring they finally saved up the money, we decided to establish plastic window in a season of wanting many prices grow accordingly, so they turned to the company, which has promised to do everything quickly and the quality, and even for small money. But they regretted it.

For the second year in a row they have on the wall adjacent to the street, it grows mold and that's how they are struggling with it. According to my neighbor, Uncle Yura, they first removed her vinegar with wallpaper, and before the end after all is still not removed, mold it there on the concrete panels, behind the wallpaper, so knew she would return.

But with the onset of cold weather returned mold and they found a way that will reduce or slow the growth of mold.

Firstly pushed 10 cm all the furniture away from the wall, on which there is a fungus, and often have to ventilate the room to the detriment of their own health as well as how to create drafts. And mainly it was that along the wall, between a wall and furniture or have placed a jar with salt and change it once a week. For a week the salt absorbs moisture from the air and becomes heavy and wet, and so every week or more often. Of course not solve the problem of the appearance of mold, so they decided to contact the company, which put the window as the fungus began to develop just after installation.

And why is not how much was surprised that the phone number that is specified in the contract does not respond, and at the company's general cost of living house with a grocery supermarket on the 1st floor. It turned out that such firms do not have and for how long is not known existed. Just do not know how many more of these same people have suffered from poor quality products and services.

In the meantime, my neighbors said that it is necessary once again to save for a new window or save for a master who will understand the problem.

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